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Comments for 'The Fallen: Chapter 2, Section 1'

4:30 pm | June 23, 2003

I downloaded the transcript for the dialog to the preview. Unless the transcript is wrong the dialog should be accurate.
Wiley K.
10:48 am | June 18, 2003
Steele, get rid of that "Shakey-Cam" version and download the real one. Those shakey-cam versions don't do the demo justice. You need to see it in all its glory, especially if you're going to write a story about it.
8:13 pm | June 17, 2003
Yeah, pretty good. 9.5/10. This is going to be a chapter in my Re-evolved, but I won't use anything you did (except the stuff in the E3 demo) conciously.

I got a 'shaky-cam' version and can't really understand what they're saying. Does yours have the correct vocals or did you fill in with what you thought they said?
Wiley K.
4:28 pm | June 17, 2003
Cool, I just saw the E3 vid today, now I really can't wait for H2 to come out.
11:00 am | June 17, 2003
Thanks. I'll have the next installment in about a week.
Silent Hunter
1:35 am | June 17, 2003
Christ, you keep beating me with these Halo 2 stories...but this is a good series ;)