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Comments for 'A short story: Mathew's tale'

Inept Zombie
7:23 pm | January 1, 2004
I agree with Helljumper. Why the hell do you do things like that? It doesn't bring anyone any good. Good story Helljumper, but you should work on punctuation a little bit, it makes the story more readable.

The story was very powerful and emotional, probably better than I could do. Keep it up.
Agent Shade
5:39 am | December 30, 2003
That Story was good keep it up

NAHHHHHHHHH Fooled yah helljumper get a new name and you seriously suck at writing
10:34 pm | December 29, 2003
Besides teachers that suck, impersonators are the worst thing I know of
9:49 pm | December 28, 2003
I liked it a lot. It was very powerful. Good job, keep up the good work. Oh, and don't you hate it when people impersonate people? It's not right or honorable.
Josh Plev
11:57 am | December 27, 2003
who ever is impersonating Shade is a dumbshitabout the story, its was cool. very tied with emotions and his progress. Tha will probably be my mother one day, crying abuyt how ill die joining. damn war on terror. oh well, gotta protect others.
10:09 am | December 27, 2003
I hate impersonators, but this one, it's more okay, since a HBO:er only needs to check the name, Shade always capitalizes his S.

I liked the story, Helljumper, well described, and gives me emotions when I read it.
7:27 am | December 27, 2003
who ever is using other people's names and talking shit, whats the point? thats all i wanta know, does it make u feel better about yourself? do u get enjoyment from saying these things?
captain koby
7:14 am | December 27, 2003
Yeah i agree with Shade you suck
Agent shade
6:58 am | December 27, 2003
helljumper and mainevent you both have shit names and can't write for shit you mother fuckers
Alpha Lance
4:03 am | December 27, 2003
Nice job.

I can make a text to self here. This was powerful like Mainevent said. Hope to see more from you HJ.
2:30 am | December 27, 2003
That was good. You have a good way of describing things.

Keep it up!
7:50 pm | December 26, 2003
6:40 pm | December 26, 2003
Very good.

It did convey an emotional sense. And his quick death after all of the stuff he'd gone through made it even more powerful.

Good job.