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2:42 pm | July 20, 2004
Whoa, sorry to be confrontational, but the M4 is not that great of a weapon. Let's compare it to the MA5B from Halo:
MA5B has a magazine capacity twice the size of an M4.
MA5B fires 7.62mm rounds that are infinitely more powerful than the small 5.56mm rounds that the M4 fires. Against such tough enemies as Elites and Hunters, the greater stopping power of the 7.62 round is much appreciated (look at how hard it is to kill an Elite on Legendary with the 7.62 round and imagine a smaller 5.56 round. That should settle the argument right there).
M4 jams like a bitch. You have to clean and maintain it every day, otherwise, it will jam on you. Sometimes, under harsher conditions (such as the blowing sand of Iraq or the harsh alien environments in Halo or the frozen steppes of Russia), you have to clean and maintain it multiple times every day. My dad, an ex-Special Forces soldier, commented on times when he took AK-47s from dead enemies and used those instead because it was a more reliable and powerful weapon. Note: the AK-47 also fires the 7.62mm round.
Compare that to the MA5B, which strikes me as a very sturdy weapon with a very strong action and very little recoil. It seems like the AK-47 of the future. Considering all the crap that they are introduced to (everything from sand on the beach to Flood blood), they are the most reliable assault rifles to be produced by man. Just think about how much the Master Chief fires his assault rifle in Halo: The Flood. Did it ever quit on him? No. If he had had an M4, he'd have been dead.
Also, the M4's accuracy and range is limited by the soldier's ability to hit targets at long range. Also, at 400 meters, the effective range of the M4 is not that much better than the MA5B.
I'm getting tired of writing this lecture. I mean it to be informative, not offensive. I just couldn't let slams on the MA5B go by like that, especially when compared to a mediocre carbine of the 21st century. In my opinion, though, through careful study of the main rifles of all of the world's armies, the best is H&K's G36.
9:45 pm | July 14, 2004
Sorry about the two identical comments, my computer and me both screwed up.
6:36 pm | July 14, 2004
Hey man, what's up. I have some questions. In my third chapter, some ODSTs are going to appear. So I need to know some things. At present my story takes place in 2537, so at this time, did the Helljumpers wear the black armour as in Halo 2, or did they have other fatigues? Also roughly estimated, how many troops are in a standard ODST platoon? I'd appreciate this, thanks out.
6:36 pm | July 14, 2004
Hey man, I've got some questions. You see in my third chapter I'm going to feature some Helljumpers so I need some info. At present my story takes place in 2537, so at this time did the ODSTs wear the black armour you see in Halo 2 or did they wear other fatigues? Also how large is a ODST platoon? I could use this info so thanks. Comment in my section if you get this.
The Collector
7:06 am | July 10, 2004
Been waiting on one of ur master pieces Hell.
*Clap* *Clap* trully marvelous work
1.8 Klicks is exactly 1.02 miles
1 K = 1 Km
1.6 Km = 1 Mile
This a really well detailed story Hell i'm surprise (and i'm assuming here) that u must really b into military history, warfare and the likes especially snipers to add such realism. I know cuz i've experience it. U were dead on. GL on ur Midterms :) and please please please dont do another Battle for Tectron by not finishing this story
4:03 am | July 10, 2004
So then, DarkPhynix87, is Bungie trying to make the future seem less advanced? Like the future will actually have less-accurate wepoans, less-capable tanks, etc.? I believe not; I think that Halo is just not designed to be realistic.

For example: The MA5B fire the standard 7.62 MM round out of a barrel that is just as long (if not longer) then say an M14 (updated M1 Garand), and the M14 was updated to the M21 as a sniper rifle, showing just how accurate it is. I believe the MA5B should be even if not superior to an M14 in accuracy, range, etc., but the game disigners did not add those attributes becuase it would drastically alter the game play. (And this is partly what I'm worried about in Halo 2; what will the game be like with more acucrate weapons compared to Halo 1?)

Granted, there are many great games that are very realistic for multiplayer; you named the best. But in Halo's case, I think that if the Books were written before the game, the weapons would be accurate and modern (for 2552), but the type of game Halo was designed to be kinda threw the logical fact that weapons should be better out the window.

So therefore, the reason that the weapons and vehicles were down-played is simply becuase Halo was not designed to be that realisitc. Halo 2, however, may completely change the parameters with the new weapons.

Ahh, if you can't tell I like defending a point. Don't consider this flaming, but rather a discussion about Halo. Hope to see a reply!

1:03 am | July 10, 2004
not trying to flame or anything russ, but there r a lot of games that are made as realistic as possible and still work very well with the multiplayer aspec (Americas Army, Call of Duty, Battlefield 1942 and Vietnam, SOCOM Navy Seals 1 and 2, etc.), and all, just like halo, are focused souly on multiplayer mode just like halo is, and ive seen those games on the top ten best multiplayer list a lot more than Halo or Halo PC has been. dont get me wrong, Halo is kick ass, especially since it comes on a console and i dont need a hella expensive PC to play it. so, idk, the excuse of Halo weapos "for the sake of gamepaly, they have been toned-down" dosnt quite work.
3:16 am | July 9, 2004
Yea for 500 years into the future, their weapons suck compared to today. I guess in the future, it about large clips and spitting alot of lead.

12:29 am | July 9, 2004
I would just like to point out that Halo is a game! Not real life or even an attempt to be realistic (in my mind). The Guns will suck compared to today, the tanks will suck compared to today, and so will just about everything else. Play Ghost Recon for realism, play Halo just to have easy fun.

In my mind I beleive that the guns, tanks, etc., are all supeior to today, but for the sake of gameplay, they been down-toned.

Just my point (and this is not directed at anyone).
4:50 pm | July 8, 2004
wow, really great stor, 10/10. and while we are on the subject of what in halo is worse than current stuff, the Scorpion would get its ASS kicked by an M1A2 Abrams.
4:26 pm | July 4, 2004
Mile=1600 meters. I would know from running it many times in competition. Technically a bit more than 1600, but not by much. Another 200 meters is really not THAT much farther than a mile.

Err, M4 is the carbine that is presently being used by US Special Forces, right? I'm not too good with names...

Nice story, anyway.
3:02 pm | July 4, 2004
it was ok... but i got half way when i just scaned the rest of it. u draged it on to much. it just got boring after a lil. keep it up though.
12:34 am | July 4, 2004
Nooooooo! Don't drag it on!!! -.-"

4:23 pm | July 3, 2004
Are you serious? You're going to drag out the next part so I have to keep guessing about what his mission is?! Good god...

Oh well, good luck on those finals, then come back and kick ass.

(Oh yeah, you can write about Force Recon without them being under ODST. Like I suggested earlier; the units could cross-assign. You're still writing about ODSTs, except now with Force Recon troops in it.)
4:12 pm | July 3, 2004
Well 1.8 klicks is still a long distance over a mile. I probably won't finnihsmy next part for a while cause i have midterms coming up. Damn summer classes. YOu'll just have to wait and see how things go i guess.

Oh Russ, I see what you mean bout Force Recon not being a part of ODST, but look at my name, thats all I write bout. Can't write bout FR is they aren't ODST.


well i could but i don't want to

First to rise, last to fall
Helljumpers do it all
Feet First into Hell
3:30 pm | July 3, 2004
You know you can do wonders in Halo with a sniper rifle and a rocket launcher (my weapons of choice). One requires lots of patience (take a guess which one) and the other requires quick reaction (take another guess). I'm itching to know where this sniper is going...
7:28 am | July 3, 2004
The M4A1 is a great gun...I wonder how they went from a M4A1 to the Assault Rifle in Halo...The M4 is still pretty accurate from long range...The Assault Rifle might have clip twice the size of the M4, but The Assault Rifle is Utterly Useless at Long Range, whereas the M4 is still somewhat decent at long range, and it's capable of being silenced, therefore inprocing accuracy AND range...Sowwie bout this argument...
4:48 am | July 3, 2004
if i were u, id keep the m82, cause you already said that deel was a master at it
3:23 am | July 3, 2004
1 click = 1 kilometer
1 kilometer = about 6/10 of a mile (I think)

Kilometer was much short then a mile. A kilmeter is 1000 meters, at about 3.3 feet per meter, thats 3300 feet.

A mile is 5280 feet, is that 3300/5280 or about 3/5 = 6/10.

Finally...*takes deep breath*

CoLd BlooDed
2:42 am | July 3, 2004
Don't you mean almost two kilometers is a mile?
12:38 am | July 3, 2004
OK Russ you win, he'll use the S2AM, i'm just a big fan of the M85 .50 cal. A klick is a kilometer and a kilometer is almost 2 miles. Right?

CoLd BlooDed
6:50 pm | July 2, 2004
But that brings to question: How did the Assault Rifle replace better weapons like the M4A1 Maverick? Did weapon technology take a dip for a short period?
5:45 pm | July 2, 2004
The S2 SR fires a 14.5-mm SABOT round, I'm pretty sure it would out-distance the 500-yr old M82. Also, in the game you really never get a chance to shoot anything beyond 400-500 meters, so there's no way to say it has bad range. In addition, the whole tracer thing is for mutliplayer: Imagine being able to snipe with so much as a muzzel flash (that would be nice, mwa-ha-ha!) . All in all, I'm just trying to show that over time guns and rifles become obselete, and are replaced with something incorperating better technologies. Its like having the choice between an M40 snier rifle and the M14 sniper rifle (I'm sure you know what those are). Any sniper would chose the former because its much improved over the latter; sure both can kill, but which does it better?

Ahh, arguing about guns again. Sorry.
12:45 pm | July 2, 2004
Sorry if im wrong, Helljumper, but 1.8 klicks I belive is less than a mile..unless i'm mistaken and a klick isn't a kilometer..or I have my math backwards. I belive it takes just over 2 kilometers to make a mile...or is it the other way around? Anyway, I would still us the S2 AM, but thats just me. The only reason i wouldn't is because of the contrails.0 Can't tell you how many times I've been killed because of those stupid white lines. Not by the person i'm shooting at, mind you, but by other folks who trace my contrails. Its really annoying....

Anyway, I want to see what this skill is that he has.
11:31 am | July 2, 2004
Thanks for all the conditional postive regard (all my psychology majors know wat i mean)

10:50 am | July 2, 2004
Ok russ, the saying, "If its not broken don't fix it." The M85 is a great distance sniper rifle. You really can't improve on that except for scopes and maybe lightening it. But from playing Halo, I don't think the S2 AM has an effective range of 1.8 klicks which if you think aobut it is about 3.5-4 miles. Thats far as shit and from the game I don't see the S2 AM as that effective. Plus its my story :p The mission is coming in the next part. I posted this chapter on purpose to tease you Russ. hahaha. but i wanted to show how good the sniper is. Come on he was behind the Gunny.

As for ODST, think of them as basically Airborne, like the 101st. Thats their means of deliver onto the planet adn even though the 101st isn't Special Forces to say they are an elite fighting unit. Force REcon is like Rangers and Rangers are Airborne qualified. So Force Recon is under ODST. I say again its my story :P

Plus HEV is the best way for Recon to deploy. Pelican's are too dangerous.

6:38 am | July 2, 2004
I hate to be redundant, but excellent job.

C.T. Clown
4:12 am | July 2, 2004
Yea, they have the S2 A2 for use in the Haloverse. I'd have used that. But its your story.

A good one at that!
2:24 am | July 2, 2004

really good, but when are you going to snipe some Covies?
1:44 am | July 2, 2004
Hmmmm, should I keep guessing about the sniper's mssions, or are you FINALLY going to tell us sometime...

It was very good, except for a couple quirks:

You mentioned Force Recon as part of ODST; In my mind I would have to disagree about that. Even though both are special forces within the Marines, they are not the same. There would be no problem with ODSTs and Force Recon units cross-training or cross-assigning, but making Force Recon something within ODST doesn't sound quite right. (Think of it like Delta Force and Green Berets; both are under the Army Branch but one is not within the other).

Second, the M82A5? This is over 500 years later, I doubt a sniper rifle of today would survive even that long (the M82 is cool, but let's be real). It would be an antique! But its your story...

Otherwise, very good. Keep them coming.
1:24 am | July 2, 2004
Yes, ahem, I do.
"One Shot One Kill" is a pretty cool book, but you gotta admit that some people embellish their first-person account stories. But my favorite is Carlos Hathcock- he is truly a asskicker.
CoLd BlooDed
9:43 pm | July 1, 2004
Nice job, although I think you should indent when people talk, it throws off the formatting. Oh, and you've got to watch your punctuation, too.

Overall, great job, I love the military-esque style you put into your work.
9:05 pm | July 1, 2004
good job helljumper. cant seem to get tired of sniper stories, but this ones better than most. cant wait for the neext one.

ps-i also have that book (its cool huh)
8:54 pm | July 1, 2004
Hey- I have that book.
8:51 pm | July 1, 2004
Very nice, sniper stories never seem to get old... can't wait for the next one... keep em comin dude.


PS Dont take no shit from anyones teddy bear about you and your Helljumpers
8:31 pm | July 1, 2004
DAmn Teemas you still remember that series, that was a long time ago. When i was a newbie, but look at e now.

8:13 pm | July 1, 2004
I liked it alot Helljumper. Im alos still waiting for you to finish your Battle for Tectron series. =P
7:37 pm | July 1, 2004
No i've never wondered how many went mad. I read the book One shot One kill of Vietnam snipers a long time ago. Good book. Sorry for the few mistakes towards the end. I know russ is gonna be mad because i didn't give any hint for the mission, u just gotta wait for the next part. This series isn't that long probably two more parts.

CoLd BlooDed
7:35 pm | July 1, 2004
That gives me an idea for a short story...
7:30 pm | July 1, 2004
This story was pretty darn cool, Helljumper.

Ever wonder how many snipers went mad in the WWII, Korean, and Vietnam War?
7:26 pm | July 1, 2004
kick arse helljumper, keep it up
Flying Battle Man
7:05 pm | July 1, 2004
Nice work man! Sniping is my faveorite type of combat (Mostly because it's heart-pounding meditation to me.;D) 100000000000000000000000/10
6:50 pm | July 1, 2004
You are like a master of suspense! I really wanna know what the sniper's mission is! C'mon, tell me, please!
Blue Jaguar
6:43 pm | July 1, 2004
sounds like Force Recon is going to kick some serious arse, don't get in there way!

love the story keep it up.
Blue Jaguar
6:43 pm | July 1, 2004
I put force recon units in some of my stories, but they are all combat units not scout snipers.

About the post on the last part, I'm, pretty sure if i was a lieutenant and just out of officer training, and a corporal in the force recon came up to me and yelled at me, i'd take it and not try and courtmartial him(and piss him off even more). But thats just me :P