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Comments for 'Sergeant Vick: Part 5 and End'

5:15 pm | June 24, 2004
We need to stop the immaturity right now. Right now. Because , MasterChiefX, if your mom has balls, that's just disgusting.
spanish spartan
4:17 pm | June 23, 2004
5:00 pm | June 15, 2004
u suck my mom's balls, helljumper
2:58 pm | June 1, 2004
was he a colonel, i don't remember, and i don't have the books on hand, only Halo the Flood. If he is a Colonel then this story is before he was promoted so haha take that. I personally thought the formating was good along with the details. I proofread it several time, i'm not saying that some small stuff slipped but ya know. Damn this second page. Where are my conditional postive regard, for all you psychology students.

9:41 pm | May 30, 2004
Very good. You didn't discribe things as much as usual, but I'll have to settle with it (since this is the end and all). Also, wasn't it COLONEL Ackerson in the books? (Or was he demoted sometime?).

This series would be a great prologue for another, more extensive series about what may be going on with Ackerson, ONI, and that cruiser.
CoLd BlooDed
8:47 pm | May 30, 2004
Very, very nice, Helljumper, it just sucks that this was put onto the second page.

The code could've used some work, especially when someone began speaking, it really screwed up the format.

I liked how you switched to each character and showed their untimely demises, right before ending the chapter (and series) in mystery.

Good job, just proof-read, check the formatting over, and your stories will shine.
5:15 pm | May 30, 2004
first word that came to my mind when ackerson said ONI wants a live flood specimen - "FUCK!"

Very Interesting story dude, keep them coming.

Nick Kang
4:30 pm | May 30, 2004
It sucks that this is on the second page.

4:03 pm | May 30, 2004
It's not like I ever liked Ackerson before (anyone who reads my stories knows better), but I hate him more now.

Good ending.

I didn't find it too choppy. The spelling was a little off. In some places it seemed like you were thinking of other things: plump act-when referring to the pump action of his shotgun.

Overall, very nice setup and execution. Good use of code, but that isn't an issue for you. Good job man.
1:32 pm | May 30, 2004
wow thats funny NK because it took me a long time to write this final part. I'm sorry it wasn't up to my usual standards, i guess its because i just want to finnish it and leave that mystery in there. Well i'm interested in what the others have to say bout this final part adn the series as a whole.

Nick Kang
11:38 am | May 30, 2004
This one wasn't as good as the other four, in fact the beginning was pretty choppy. It sounded like you were in a hurry, judging by all of the spelling errors you made. There wasn't as much descriptions as you usually make. Other than that stuff, it leaves a sense of mystery that makes you want to read the series again to get all the info you can to find Ackerson's motive to wanting the Cruiser.

P.S. Woohoo! First Post!