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Comments for 'ODST Lead the Way Chapter 2'

CoLd BlooDed
6:49 pm | March 4, 2004
That's correct, they only use the HEV's for entry into a planet's atmosphere. I'll be waiting for your next chap.
CoLd BlooDed
6:49 pm | March 4, 2004
That's correct, they only use the HEV's for entry into a planet's atmosphere. I'll be waiting for your next chap.
6:18 pm | March 4, 2004
For the mission at hand, parachuting from a Pelican would be the best way for this special forces mission. the next chapter has been submitted
2:39 pm | March 3, 2004
Yeah, traditioal way, or the Helljumper way would be good. I think personally that they are a descendant of HALO jumpers (hmmm...interesting name for that huh?)

CoLd BlooDed
5:10 am | March 3, 2004
Great, that'll make your ODST-related stories top notch. I just read this, and I personally thought it was great, you're leading up to something...aren't you? ;)
4:03 am | March 3, 2004
I'm gonna buy the book this weekend
2:48 am | March 3, 2004
its really informative
1:07 am | March 3, 2004
In my first chapter of Fall Of Rye, the way that i have the Helljumpers land is the "traditional" way. There called Helljumpers because when they enter the atmosphere in the HEV's, the temprature rises and makes it seem like hell. Hope that helped, also read TF for more info.
CoLd BlooDed
1:03 am | March 3, 2004
That explains it, you need to read tF. It tells how the ODST's on the PoA went down onto the ring, which was by an HEV (Human Entry Vehicle). It's where the Helljumper climbs in and they use it to break through the atmosphere and land.
11:59 pm | March 2, 2004
SOS Ordin- What do u mean by traditional Helljumper way? I've read fall of reach and first strike, no mention of how Helljumpers do there thing, I assumed parachutes, with the whole Feet first into Hell and Helljumpers which sounds like the 101st airborne. I see them as like Green Berets, they are specail forces but work in like platoons and stuff, but can do Navy Seal, small squad type stuff.

11:39 pm | March 2, 2004
It was good, I liked something about the first one better though.
11:12 pm | March 2, 2004
Hmmm...Interesting Characters, need more detail bout though.
11:06 pm | March 2, 2004
good job
just wished they went in the traditional Helljumper way. :(
but that dosent matter
and remember to capitalize Marine
unless ur talkin aquatic, Marine is always capped
besides that this story was great
8:35 pm | March 2, 2004
good but i think that the characters might need developing more
5:44 pm | March 2, 2004
Same level of detail as before. As MCC said, not much of a storyline, but who cares. If I get to read this series, I'm happy. :)
MC's Cousin
4:03 pm | March 2, 2004
Not musch of a storyline, but it was still good. Keep deveoping your characters and atmosphere and you should be ready to take us into some kick ass action. GJ

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