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Comments for 'Battle for Tectron Chapter 7 : Caught'

2:33 am | January 22, 2004
Oh and I don't think you should put mechs in your story. Halo shouldn't be about mechs
2:24 am | January 22, 2004
Oh teemus, you missed two weapons: the MA7B Battle Rifle, and the SMG. (these are in Halo 2) There is also a purpol covie sniper rifle coming out. More vehicles are Shadows, a Covenant reconisance vehicle with 4 seats including a gunner. The Phantom is a huge ship that flys high in the sky. It fires red lasers and can be used as a dropship. The last ones are the Creeps. These are covenant transport buses. They are big and have a turret that fires green lasers. :D
8:19 pm | January 17, 2004
I was going by the number of seats in the Pelican. With like decending from space onto a planet, you would want to be straped down in a seat for all the turbulance and the G forces. Tahts all i'm saying. 20 sounds too little to be a platoon but i see how it could work. You'll see wat i end up doing in my next chapter
7:36 pm | January 17, 2004
I checked it out and all I have to say is, damn thats big.
6:36 pm | January 17, 2004
Pelicans can carry a completely armed squad of Marines. Although, The number of Spartans in the craft at the beginning of First Strike was 27. Marines could easily fit at least 40 in one if that had too. All I'm saying, is that if you have to put a number in one, make it 15.

You'll only need two dropships then.

Also Check out the real Pelican:
5:53 pm | January 17, 2004
for my series i'm gonna use 30, but i know that today and during WWII, platoons consisted of about 34 men with 8 men per squad and 4 squads. Thats 32 with a platoon leader, and a platoon sergeant so 34 in all.

I'll use 30 just so only 3 Pelicans are needed. so lets say 6 men per squad with 4 squads. Thats 24, then two corpmen (medics), platoon leader and platoon sergeant, then two snipers. thats 30 and it sounds good to me.
Sergeant B
4:56 pm | January 17, 2004
Hell dude, platoons are 20 guys. Or thirty. Not forty. Too many
Here, let me tell you...

30 in each platoon. 3 platoons. 1 command group which is ten dudes-captain, first sergeant, staff sergeant, and maybe a corporal, then the rest are privates...
11:41 am | January 17, 2004
There are more weapons and longer serial numbers for certain weapons you can get from the Halo books. For example, the S2 AM Snipers Rifle is a bit longer.
There are definately those lotusanti-tank mines to take into account and several others as well.
To the mech poster... one guy tried that and was rather harshly flamed out of the site. It was wrong of people to do it, but that's what happened. Should anyone ELSE write about mechs when this one was so treated?

It isn't right to give one author praise and one author insult when they've both written about the same thing.
5:42 am | January 17, 2004
Whoops, sorry for the double post.
5:39 am | January 17, 2004
that sounds about right.
5:39 am | January 17, 2004
that sounds about right.
3:17 am | January 17, 2004
Let me ask you guys what you think about this. A platoon consist of about 30 - 40 men. at the most (40 men) it would take 4 Pelicans to bring in a platoon since each carries 10 men. u guys agree
1:07 am | January 17, 2004
That was good. You described how marcus was feeling really good. Here are the weapons used in Halo. UNSC; M9 HE-DP Grenade, M6D Pistol, MA5B Assault Rifle, M90 Shotgun, S2 AM Sniper Rifle, M19 SSM Rocket Launcher, and the M41 LAAG. Covenant; Plasma rifle, Plasma pistol, Needler, Shade, and Plasma Gernade. If u want here are the vehiclas to. UNSC; M12 LRV, M808B Scorpion MBT. Covenant; Ghost, and Banshee.
8:53 pm | January 16, 2004
Can someone help me out and give me the names of all the weapons used in Halo, UNSC and Covenant. for the human weapons can u include the model number like MA5B Assualt rifle etc. Thanx, u can post it here or just email me at Pittklipse@aol.com

yo if u read my series and this chapter, leave a message, i take your comments serious except for the dumb people.
3:45 pm | January 16, 2004
I don't wanta do the whole Mech thing. I'm trying to keep my story real and true to Halo. The UNSC is getting its ass kicked, and I wanta tell a tale about a man caught in it just trying to survive. With hundreds of colonies and thousands of war ships, one human life is so insignificant compared to the whole picture, but all one can do it do their part. I loved playing Halo and watching the marines fight so passionately for Earth and for each other, but in the end they are all dead, but they did their part.
3:31 pm | January 16, 2004
Nice story. Just wondering if you might consider introducing Mechs into the story. After all 500 years from now you think we have a good grasp of robotics etc.. May be a Dashie or MadCat :o) Ahh.....watch the little grunts panic and run. Anyways great story keep it real and coming.
10:25 am | January 16, 2004
Let me just say that Marcus is a lucky bugger. He got of really easy.
1:36 am | January 16, 2004
I know ya'll wanted Marcus to get caught so here ya go