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Comments for 'ODST Marching Cadence'

4:02 am | February 11, 2004
Interesting, Helljumper. I don't think that I've ever seen a marching cadence on HBO. Cool. Oh, and if you organize the words in your head a little, there is a rythym. I agree with the others. It would have been even better if it had been a little longer.
1:43 pm | January 15, 2004
What? No "Feet First Into Hell"? Pretty good, though.
4:09 am | January 15, 2004
That was good, it could have been better if it was longer.
3:58 pm | January 14, 2004
it was a spur of the momment thing. I was watching Band of Brothers and decided to write the cadence. I think it was a little rhythem to it, at least in my head. Guess you gotta hear it my way to understand. but watever, i was bored when i did it.
8:35 am | January 14, 2004
Cool. I couldn't find a rhythem that fit through the whole thing, though.
Alpha Lance
11:19 pm | January 13, 2004
Hah.... that's good there, but if this little cheer was longer it would have been better. Nice job I say so myself.