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Comments for 'Battle for Tectron: Chapter 6'

12:40 pm | January 13, 2004
Hey. Lemme just say that Battle For Tectron is the whole series so far I have actually read. Most of the other series are all lame, but yours are alright. This last one I saw a lot more errors then any others, but it was still good. Can't wait for Chpt. 4.
3:54 am | January 13, 2004
i gues u mean chapter 7, and what kinda errors did you see so i know what to change.
3:04 pm | January 11, 2004
Comments have definately slowed down. Wado didn't get the usual page, we didn't get ANY (not counting Wado or our own), and a few others' volumes have either slowed down or gone to two or three. So if its people liking your writing you're worried about, don't be.
5:55 am | January 11, 2004
It doesn't seem like many people are commenting like they use to.
3:56 am | January 11, 2004
yeah, who are these people..or persons
1:57 am | January 10, 2004
wow its like the comments get weirdier with every chapter
Your Gay
9:18 am | January 9, 2004
Thingy or whatever your shit name is that was pretty fucking good i usually critize people except shade
5:01 am | January 9, 2004
wow i'm really feeling the love. The basic plot so far is that the planet Tectron was a UNSC colony that supplies the UNSC with titianium A metal. But the Office of Naval Intelligence noticed that the planet contains a substance that they titles Coveium. The Covenant use it to power their ships. So they send the carrier Twilight to protect the planet. As this is happenind, so is the battle for Reach. Anyway, the Covenant send in a troop transport ship and landed thousands of troops on Tectron. The Twilight in repondse sends down its limited number of marines to start evactuating the civilians. The marines are getting their collective asses kicked.
Marcus is an ODST sent in with his platoon to evacuate a bank, everyone in his unit dies, and he takes his Lieutenant's ranks. wow this is a long summary, just read my series. I think it is really good eventhough i have a few mistakes
2:48 am | January 9, 2004
All right!! The impersonating-an-officer thing has reached a boiling point, I cant wait to see what happens!
1:07 am | January 9, 2004
this was definitly one of the best chapters in this seris. Keep it up, ohh btw, most people down write about the MC Person.
11:14 pm | January 8, 2004
Hey helljumper, Im a fan of Halo and I just started reading your story. It is one of the best here. It's very amusing. Although I haven't actually read a whole chapter, and Im not so clear on the plot, I did read some paragraphs and I like the action.

I also like the fact that you are not just writing about Master Chief. I hate it that in Halo fanfic peices people always write about the MC. It's cool to read a story about an ODST or something.

Can you give me a short summary on the plot. I ussualy print out the storys and read them somewhere else cuz I dont have time to read them all on my Comp.

I give what I have read so far a 9/10. Can't wait for Chapter 7 :]