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Comments for 'THE CUBE. Part One: Last goodbyes'

Neco Divad
7:16 am | December 8, 2002
Watch out, it's a Covie anti-matter bom... hey, who are you. You're not alowed in here. Let me go! I don't want to come with you! Let me go! *POW, slumps over dead*

I need a life.
9:29 pm | December 7, 2002
Arch if only you knew... hehehehehehe... lol
Neco Divad
9:20 pm | December 7, 2002
Very nice. I liked it a lot. Just like ONI to do something like that. Keep up the good work.
8:10 pm | December 7, 2002
I played the game again! You find 'em everywhere, and besides, they're the only covie thingie that is in an invisible box (i think)! Jeez, Wado, i woulda thought you knew that by now... (lol :))
6:08 pm | December 6, 2002
Arch, how did you know what it was?
2:53 pm | December 6, 2002
Hah, an overshield! lol Isn't this going to be interesting! Nice work Hedge!
5:03 am | December 6, 2002
this is very good so far more i hope
3:15 am | December 6, 2002
Good writing!! Look forward to more!!!Disciple75
11:30 pm | December 5, 2002
Oops, didn't mean the dots.

great story man
11:30 pm | December 5, 2002
...I likeeeee it
10:36 pm | December 5, 2002
Great job creating the setting for things to come. Go Hedge!

Yes "CUBE" = Covenant Unidentified Box Eh? (That's in Canada...lol, everywhere else it is called CUB)... just kidding.
10:09 pm | December 5, 2002
I liked this story, but seriously, THE CUBE!? Pfft. Makes me want to squash geometrical shapes altogether.