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Comments for 'ONI Black Ops Part Four'

10:57 am | May 15, 2003
I know you didn't. But alot of people give the human ships full Covenant weaponry. That's wrong. Covenant Weaponry sucks. All the Covenant have are shields. Only shields should be put on Human ships, not plasma torps, or anything. That's just wrong.

I like the Hades class, cause it can kick butt without using Covenant weaponry.
11:36 am | May 14, 2003
Sweet story Havok yet again. Hades clas SWEET!
6:52 pm | May 12, 2003
i definitely did not put shields on the ship. just new armor plating. and there were no plasma torpedoes. just energy recapacitors for the MAC guns
wiley k.
9:50 pm | May 11, 2003
man, i was going to use Hades class ships, oh well. awsome story, keep it up
5:53 pm | May 11, 2003
ya know what i just noticed?? i forgot to italicise the damn ships' names. i apologize in advance. i hope i remember to do it next time.
5:42 pm | May 11, 2003
Another excellent installment, 9/10.

I like the Hades class battleships. I so dislike it when people give the humans full Covenant plasma weaponry. Shields rock, but not the Plasma Torpedoes...

Anyway, keep it up.