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Comments for 'Durandal'

2:36 pm | October 16, 2003
c'mon people, shoudn't this be under the poems? and its a POEM! Think about, you have to admit that none of you have lives...
9:45 pm | July 31, 2002
oh no. it's good, don't get me wrong there.
Craig Hardgrove
4:08 am | July 31, 2002
I actually wasn't sure where it would be posted. . . I really didn't intend for it to be classified as "fan fiction". I went with the poetry format because it leaves more up to the reader. I hope I didn't leave too much to the reader. If so, take a visit to the Marathon Story page. My goal with this poem was the link the events of Marathon and Halo.
10:53 pm | July 30, 2002
ok? jeez, who's mr bill? that isn't the author is it? It's not even a fic god damn it, its a sweet poem. It was weird cause of no background (i didnt know what was goin on). Mr bill should be Mr rodgers or something.
9:27 pm | July 29, 2002
short and sweet really cool!
Knightmare Wolf
8:27 pm | July 29, 2002
I'm only half agreed to that! But it was good :)
Mr. Bill
6:27 pm | July 29, 2002
Simple, clever. Best fan fic I've read in months!