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Comments for 'A New Year's Day, Chapter 9'

1:07 am | January 21, 2003
3:58 am | January 20, 2003
I like this series so far looking forward to part 10
11:26 pm | January 19, 2003
-No it is not too long. You have yet to read my next one that is much longer than your's is by far.

-Chapters are moderately lengthed.

-Action is good and non is good as well.

-There is a good amount of non. It at least doesn't have a fourth of it as my next one has.

I'll keep reading. Good work.
Guilty Spark
2:55 pm | January 19, 2003
It definitely has an ending - about 3 or 4 more chapters to go. Since this is my first fan fic, here are some questions to those willing to answer:
- is this series too long?
- are the chapters too short or too long?
- do you like the action?
- do you like the non-action?
- is there too much non-action?

All feedback is appreciated. Chapter 10 is coming very soon.
5:39 am | January 19, 2003
I see you decided to continue it. Usual fare of somments (e.g. good work, ect.) I couldn't find any gaping holes in the story or grammar, so you did a god job by my standards. But I have to ask you, will you ever end this fanfic? Or is it like a soap opera/action movie?