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Comments for 'A New Year's Day, Chapter 8'

1:32 am | January 22, 2003
12:18 pm | January 18, 2003
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12:09 pm | January 18, 2003
I go at like 1.2 beats every min. still trying to figure how to do it. Do you stroke it or roll it?
12:08 pm | January 18, 2003
LOL anonymos, that was a good one.
1:50 am | January 18, 2003
I do mine Indian Style, it burns real quick...
8:17 pm | January 17, 2003
How dare you insult me!!

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2:24 am | January 17, 2003
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2:23 am | January 17, 2003
Arg, while I am not one for the neverending sequells, do what you must do to write. You do a good job at it. But if you do end it, come up with something else.
4:47 am | January 16, 2003
Wow, this is good stuff!! Keep it up!!! Anonymous sounds like a lower intellect...like a Covenant Grunt maybe...LOL!!!Disciple75
12:33 pm | January 15, 2003
that was a great series liked it alot
4:59 am | January 14, 2003
ERrr... Kellen Squire?
11:24 pm | January 13, 2003
I have written stories here, however you will never find out who I am because I have a higher intellect then you...

However it deals with Halo 2...
Guilty Spark
3:36 pm | January 13, 2003
I'm glad you like it. But now, I'm at a crossroad and I knew it coming. I thought of a few ways the story might continue, but cannot decide which is the best way to go. The next chapter may take a few days while I nail it down.
5:50 am | January 13, 2003
this is a great series, i like it a lot
5:21 am | January 13, 2003
i think its a neat story!
8:30 pm | January 12, 2003
Why don't you write a story then?
9:51 pm | January 11, 2003
Your story sucked...

It used too many words...