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Comments for 'A New Year's Day, Chapter 6'

Mutated Elite
6:09 am | January 3, 2003

I thought he's already made 5 fanfics...
Guilty Spark
5:01 am | December 31, 2002
Thank you for the positive comments master_stu and kyle. kyle, if you want to bounce ideas off of someone, feel free to email me over at the bungie.net site.

If and when I do another series or story, I will probably bounce some ideas off of other people.
3:27 am | December 31, 2002
i like. im just now working on my first story and have no stinkin clue what to write. i hope i get as good as you.
5:30 am | December 30, 2002
yea this is getting very good. keep them coming
Guilty Spark
9:00 pm | December 29, 2002
Thanks for your feedback. This series is my first attempt to write a story of any kind. I'm such a fan of Halo, and I enjoy reading other fan fiction, that I had to give it a try.

I am a graphic designer - been in the business for almost 10 years. Check out some of my work in the miscellaneous art and wallpaper sections on this site (I borrowed heavily from T&R.) Look for the artist name Eric Redmond. Let me know what you think.
7:02 pm | December 29, 2002
Hey, this is getting good!! What do you do for a living? Do you wright? If your not a wrighter then quit your day job!! Seriously, you are very good. Just curious about the person who is Guilty Spark..Disciple75