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Comments for 'A New Year's Day, Chapter 4'

2:23 am | January 13, 2003
good story its getting juicy lol
4:32 am | December 23, 2002
You shouldn't be thanking us for feedback, we actually did the worst job we could. If we were actually half decent at giving feedback we would tell you the bad parts, not just that we thought it was good. Too bad it was good and we could offer no help...
Louis Wu
4:43 am | December 20, 2002
It's not a typo - it's IE (once again) not living up to W3C standards. :(

I've replaced the offending code with an ascii code... this should look fine in IE without breaking the database code.
Guilty Spark
4:25 am | December 20, 2002
Yeah, not sure what's up with title. It is supposed to say "A New Year's Day."

Thanks for the feedback Dispraiser and Disciple.
1:12 am | December 20, 2002
was there a typo on the title? lol
6:18 am | December 19, 2002
Yeah, I agree with him!
5:08 pm | December 18, 2002
Hey, excellent!! One of the best series I have read bar none!! You keep this up!! You are a very good writer. Disciple75