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Comments for 'A New Year's Day, Chapter 1'

1:30 pm | December 12, 2002
*Smacks head into palm and laughs*
6:49 pm | December 9, 2002
Pretty good, for a newb. Keep it up. Oh, and you might want to check your punctuation once in a while. And capitalization. Other than that, good story!
Guilty Spark
3:06 pm | December 9, 2002
Jacob is indeed a Spartan. When I posted the story, I had second thoughts that I did not make that clear.

Chapter 2 coming soon. Thanks for the feedback.
Neco Divad
8:59 am | December 9, 2002
I liked it a lot. Jacob was a Spartan, right? I think he was, but I'm not sure.