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Comments for '1st Special Forces group'

6:16 am | August 1, 2003
your story kicked ass, sure the grammers a little of but its agreat idea. keep making more will yah.
Dark Shotgun 117
5:13 am | June 10, 2003
Was a really good story, you should make a whole series about this.
6:23 am | April 9, 2003
submitting next story now.... and it's not all spec op stuff now it is about the flood in this part.
Dirty Commie
9:48 pm | April 8, 2003
I'm makin a stand too. Mail them to me.


At the risk of sounding like an English teacher, stay away from 'you.' It loses the air (if any) of professionalism and is just annoying.
9:09 pm | April 8, 2003
75(Slightly above average). I took off for alot of small errors(like forgetting an 's' or using incorrect tenses), but I like the SpecOp Group. Keep it up and reread them throughly before submitting...
12:34 pm | April 8, 2003
overall pretty good, could use spellcheck, but the ideas nonetheless are well refined and well orchestrated. Can't wait to read the next one!
6:34 am | April 8, 2003
thanks James and the next one i should have finished by tonight and maybe submit ittonight aswell... might
James Kinsella
12:21 am | April 8, 2003
I will indent for you as well. I think that it was good. Humanity never learns from it's mistakes. Unfortunatly neither do the fanfic writers. SEND IT THROUGH THE SPELLCHECK!!! It will help. Also punctuation could use a jump-start. Get the next one in soon.
12:16 am | April 8, 2003
[indent]. Mail them to me before you submit the damn fanfic and I will indent it...