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Comments for 'Long Time Gone Part 6'

12:00 am | November 30, -0001
Not bad, not bad at all. Very technical, and it was pretty easy to follow.. just a question, if they're fighting Rebels... could you elaborate on their cause/motives/beliefs a bit more?
Spooky Banana
12:00 am | November 30, -0001
Yes, very nice job. It's a quality you hardly ever see in fan fiction, with the exception of veterans such as Wado, or authors who are long gone, such as Shadow, Spartan415, Arch, Knightmare, el_halo_diablo, etc... man, everyone's leaving this place. *cries on Wado's lap*
12:00 am | November 30, -0001
ah hmmm, the Rebels beliefs hmmm woudl you believe doomsday cult? nah to scary, um they want the Republic of the Congo to be under their leadership. you know avergae plot people hate government, attack government, good guys come, bad guys die, yada yada yada end story.... but wait theres more! then it follows chris and chamebrs to reach and then to the halo incident! WHOA UBER FANTASTIC! Lots of typing ahead......