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Comments for '(Part 4) M31: First Blood'

2:47 pm | July 30, 2003
Hmm, funny how war stories follow the times. We're at war with N. Korea (ever since the 1950's) and with Abusadyyf in East Malaysia, and you mentioned those two places in your story. It's even stranger how we make those war stories like the movie 'Delta Force' or 'Rambo'. We always win.
Alpha Lance
5:02 pm | July 29, 2003
Not bad,it was good,but...needs more & more
action.And I'm 14 to.
Wes Foutch (Hidden Assassin)
11:24 am | July 29, 2003
Sorry for the delay on writing the series. We're doing remodeling work on our house. (It may surprise some of you to find out that I'm only 14. Greg is my dad) We've been working on this after he gets home from work, you know, bonding time.