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Comments for '(Part 14/15) M31: First Blood'

Wes Foutch
6:36 pm | May 27, 2004
Sorry, I won't be writing for a while, my computer crashed and I lost everything, so I have to piece it together from everything I've posted here, but I had enough for six or seven more entries, I didn't have enough time. I image I'll be ready by the end of this summer.
Wes Foutch
12:00 am | November 30, -0001
It's been awhile since my last posting, so you may not have read the beginning installments. I'd appreciate some comments.
Spartan Ninja
12:00 am | November 30, -0001
I really like this series. One thing though you said something about master chief during the begining and havent mentioned him again. Keep up the work i'm dieing to know whats in that crate!