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Comments for 'Upon this Stage (Prologue 2): History Repeats Over and Over and Over Again'

Mr. Bill
8:27 pm | June 1, 2002
Gordi: Once again, excellent story. This new post Covenant world you've created is uncanny. Very clever. I'd like to see some more done with this world you've created, it realy is the best Halo spin off I've read to date. Very inspriring, I must say.
5:13 am | May 29, 2002
I really enjoyed this a lot . =)
9:12 pm | May 28, 2002
Very good story, i loved it. It's so interesting. I can't wait for the next one. Great Job
4:05 pm | May 28, 2002
Interesting to say the least.

A few mistakes here and there, but nothing like last time.

I quite enjoyed this enstallment.