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Comments for 'Upon this Stage (Prologue 1)'

Mr. Bill
8:00 pm | June 1, 2002
Gordi- Very clever little story here. I'm glad you did the sensible thing, and move forward, away from the mainstream: enough of the MC kicking Covenants. Man was that getting dull. This, however, is very good. First Fanfic I've actually sat down and read in a long, long time. Thanks for the story!
2:56 am | May 27, 2002
This is the best peice of while. I really enjoyed it and look foward to the next one. Great Details!!!!! keep it up.
Play Boy
8:06 pm | May 26, 2002
Remindes me alot of the Ender's Game series. Wicked cool story man.
11:51 am | May 23, 2002
This could make for an epic. Nice story line. I anyone is wondering (and it'll look like I'm trying to plug my own story) Order of the Seraphim will return soon with the fourth chapter. But back to Gordi, badass SL.
3:14 am | May 23, 2002
Wow.... I'm.... impressed, to say the least. Take from that what you will. :)
9:12 pm | May 22, 2002
God thats long. A lot of details in that, I can't wait for the next one. Keep it up
7:32 pm | May 22, 2002
nice piece of work, outstanding form and set up, the details are too good. Nice job
7:10 pm | May 22, 2002
Well I guess it's good to see you back at it, Gordi.

Asides from a few spelling errors here and there, the story is good. I'd like to see where you take this.


5:45 pm | May 22, 2002
Great Work!! I can't wait to read the second one. I like how the characters talk to each other!