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Comments for 'Backstory'

4:57 am | July 2, 2003
It fooled me nearly two years later to thinking it was official!

A nice piece of writing. Keep it up, you have a nice talent that has a future somewhere.

4:44 pm | October 3, 2001
Amazing, I especially enjoyed the introduction... Im looking forward to more of your work, Its really good peice of writting that sucked me in enough to waste a good amount of time at work. Thank you HBO for hosting all theses fanfictions. There are some real gems in here!Im sure there is plenty more writting talent floating around the halo community and this gives them a chance to showcase there talent.I really gotta add in those HBO cameo parts to black ops
11:11 am | October 3, 2001
jester and arch angel preaty much sum it up, great work of fiction,i also raise my voise in wonder as to if there is more to come or not.
7:48 am | October 3, 2001
id like ot thank bungie.org for puting up this comment section. now that we can give a share on our toughts its much more simple to get the writers positive about continuing to write =)
1:33 am | October 3, 2001
Nope, there's more coming. I'd like to be able to extend it as long as I have some free time (weeknights after class, or..ya know, whenever)Comments/questions can be sent to the link to your..right! Don't be too harsh =pAnd thank's for the response, I guess if I had gotten a bad response I would have quit, but I definitly would like to continue now.
Mr. Bill. Jr. V
12:39 am | October 3, 2001
Wow. Very nice story! I love the tech talk, and suspence. Kinda beats the hell out my attempt at discribing space battles :-) Hope we get some more! (After all 10,000 contacts means some odd 40,000 to go eh :-P )
Arch Angel
10:59 pm | October 2, 2001
This is the best thikng i have read in a while. Great story, do we get any more?
7:21 pm | October 2, 2001
Excellent work. It kept my interest all the way to the end. You also established an impressive balance between dialogue and narration, without leaning on either too heavily.I'm curious though. Are you going somewhere with this or is this all we get?