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Comments for 'A Marine Named Peters: Move Out!'

7:32 pm | July 11, 2003
i did do all that stuff,pj. They did glass the area with space ships.
6:21 pm | July 11, 2003
good, [indent]makes the HALO world a better place
5:36 pm | July 11, 2003
i liked it, peter is my real name
5:27 pm | July 11, 2003
sergeants are usually the people that lead a squad. Lieutenants lead platoons and companies.
When the covies glass something, they use cruisers and destroyers, not troops. Plus, the cruiser's weapons have large area affects so the entire area surrounding bravo base would be devastated.
Third, grunts always have their envirosuits on.[in halo, the fall of reach, john shot the methate tube that led into a grunt's suit, thus, it died.]So that means that it has methane all over it at all times. The grunt would have just needed a methane tank refil.
And finally, 2 hours is a little extreme for evac. It would seem that the command would rather pick the troops up immeadiately than leave them to suffer.