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Comments for 'A Marine Named Peters: The Finale, Part Two: Karls' View'

The Silver Spartan
10:19 pm | May 16, 2004
Wow! you are back!!! I don't belive it! The author of the best. series. ever. is back!!! I hope you keep writing, and I need to know what happens next!!! Man, I get my insparation from you. Let me guess: The Fanale Part Two: Rodrigez's View? 25/10!!! You are awesome!

The Silver Spartan
6:50 am | May 13, 2004
geez, Walt Disney still exists in in the 26th century? geez i woulda put Pluto down a long time ago:P
Scott D
4:14 pm | May 11, 2004
I like the disney movie line
Elite Zov
7:05 pm | May 10, 2004
Or was it your last writing of A Marine Named Peters? Thans sucks, the srory is sooo good!
Elite Zov
7:03 pm | May 10, 2004
I read them all, so far, I have no words of telling you how good you write. But your art work is not fineshed, so horry up and finish alrealdy, I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT. By the way, yuor work is one of the best I ever read anywere. Good job!!!!
11:35 am | May 10, 2004
Karl's a ass-kicker and a name taker. The story was awesome, full of action and whatnot. One question: is Karl a Spartan of some sort, or just a regular marine?
2:09 am | May 10, 2004
regular marine.
4:05 pm | May 9, 2004
Kick ass, GLAD...Perfect ending. I couldnt have done it better myself...OR could I? lol...Hope to see some stuff from your Veangence Series.
CoLd BlooDed
11:22 am | May 9, 2004
Awesome, I loved it.
5:09 am | May 9, 2004
Best. Ending line. Ever.

Great story.
1:15 am | May 8, 2004
yea that was a good story. i liked it

10:08 am | May 7, 2004
yet again anotheer brilliant piece of script work if there any other fan fictions from you like this then ill be reading them