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Comments for 'When Worlds Collide 2: A New Medium'

3:58 am | January 16, 2003
Go ahead. Only, you'll have to beat me in interviewing the elite. : )
2:17 am | January 16, 2003
Hey everyone. Im thinking about starting a fan fic of my own. its still in its preliminary stages, i just need some beta readers to go over it for me, and tell me what i can do to improve before i post. if your interested, e-mail me at Junior488@aol.com, or talk to me at ThreadedAce3 on aim. thanks
Guilty Spark
10:27 pm | January 15, 2003
Gasmask, I know you're the local interviewer of foes from Halo. Do you mind if I give it a try? Didn't want to step on any toes...
2:51 pm | January 15, 2003
I also threw a "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" referrence in there. If you guys haven't seen that movie, rent it. You'll get a kick out of it.
2:30 pm | January 15, 2003
That made absolutley no sense!
Entertaining though!
12:47 pm | January 15, 2003
Gasmask doing an actuall series, or even stories that have the same name but with nothing to do with each other!?!?!? What is the world coming to??
2:24 am | January 15, 2003
Yes, but you don't see many of us copying parts from FoR word for word? ;) ah don't worry about it, I thoguht it was entertaining anyway, And, im very glad you included the bunny. It's a good thing my favorite color is blue-no-green-*gets thrown off the cliff*AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
2:01 am | January 15, 2003
Yeah, some stuff was off of Monty Python, but I still used original content. The Star Trek thing had some copyright stuff too, 'cuz I used the characters, but when it comes right down to it, all fan fiction could be counted as a copyright infringement.
10:32 pm | January 14, 2003
Can you say copywrite infingement? 3/4ths of that story was copied excatly offa Monty Python. It had a few funny parts besides the halarious parts that were already in the actuall movie that you copied.
9:56 pm | January 14, 2003
Did I miss WWC1? I just read it now and yes it was very funny. WWC2, well, not as funny but still good job. Keep it up.
Bob Lucas
9:04 pm | January 14, 2003
I agree; the first one was better, but for #3, do one on Lord of the Rings!
8:55 pm | January 14, 2003
What a coincidence, Neco! Well, anyway... Gasmask, I was a big fan of WWC 1, I considered it the greatest fanfics, it was so new, and novel. But this one... Well, it was dissapointing... Still want no. three though, but make it have the star wars (not trek...) guys in it like in the first one... Or some other scifi show... But compared to WWC 1, this one was bad... Make number three!
Neco Divad
5:35 pm | January 14, 2003
That was a bit predictable. Not to say it was bad, but mearly ok. I just got back to the states and finally got on-line.