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Comments for 'When Worlds Collide 2.5'

11:19 pm | January 19, 2003
make yoda fight a radioactive chicken
11:57 pm | January 17, 2003
LofreakinL, that was definatly as good as some of the other comedies out there right now(hmm i think yours is the only one, i dunno) anywayz that was great. You shoulda made Yoda fight the MC or wierd al. Can't wait for the next one.
3:00 am | January 17, 2003
I personally think you missed all the comedic posibilities of the situation.
1:43 am | January 17, 2003
lol Laugh Out VERY Loud
This stufff is classic! ha!
I went back and read your previous works, and ALthough I am a Star Trek fan, that first issue is still my favorite. Look at that hull integrety! It's made of Balsa wood, and starfleet's goin on $20 a month! lol Classic written all over it...LMAO

Dammit! now I need surgery to reattach my ass! lol
at least I found that sail boat...lol
1:30 am | January 17, 2003
FInally! I have been asking for a star wars one for months! Anyway, make an Xfiles one next!

"The truth is out there skully..." Mulder says while peering into the starry abyss...

"No, THE TRUTH IS HERE YOU D*** MORON!" says MC holding the severed head of an Elite...

Only make it better... Anyway, this story was great!
11:46 pm | January 16, 2003
Funny ass Shit!! Thats all I got to say.......
el_halo_diablo's right they should have a fight to the death, that'd be something.
Yoda is hilarious!!
Bob Lucas
11:44 pm | January 16, 2003
That was the best one yet...but...you should have made Wierd Al get shot or something, but it was great all the same!
10:54 pm | January 16, 2003
it was funny, but I was hoping you would play a little basketball with Yoda's body.
10:21 pm | January 16, 2003
*barely ably to type because laughing so hard* god that was great. Jar Jar being shot priceless