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Comments for 'The Battle Within'

4:59 am | January 16, 2003
Definitly creepy. I saw the Flood/Borg comparision right away and I don't even care much for Star Trek. I liked the idea of getting into the soldier's mind after being infected. Real eery.
Bob Lucas
8:15 pm | January 12, 2003
Great story, but it was way too predictable...
Jeff Grahm
7:07 am | January 11, 2003
Scary, spooky. "The flood, they make the Covenant look like quire boys, fuckin quire boys?" A similar quote to one arnold swartzehoger said in "End of days"
12:11 pm | January 10, 2003
I bet you guys would like scary fan fics huh?
2:21 am | January 10, 2003
Did someboby say scary fan fics?!
2:21 am | January 9, 2003
that was creepy like i liked it alot good story
Jeff Graham
2:15 am | January 8, 2003
Wow. That was cool, creepy and short. I would hahve liked to read more but there wasn't anymore to write about. I like it. I need to read one your comedies, please, write some more.
5:21 am | January 7, 2003
Get back to comedies! I loved When Worlds Collide! Write a sequel with star wars in it! Or some other SciFi thing! Do it!
1:27 am | January 7, 2003
oh yah I've seen windtalkers...in my history class.
1:25 am | January 7, 2003
I've seen star trek a totoal of two times, and it reminded me of the borg, I didn't like the comparison. oh well, I like it when you ahve such a variety in your stories. Keep it up man.
Guilty Spark
9:47 pm | January 6, 2003
Great story. And, creepy. The thought of being trapped in your own body, yet controlled by another creature. I agree with Vero, the Flood do remind you of the Borg - good analogy.
4:36 am | January 6, 2003
Nice going gasmask. I too kinda foresaw the ending, but hey even I actaully think once in awhile, so don't feel to bad. And I have seen Windtalkers. It is a great movie. O by the way, I like the borg attitude you are ensuing the flood with. Very nice.
3:38 am | January 6, 2003
A step down from usual, but still better than most of the submissions here...
1:18 am | January 6, 2003
not your best but that still dosn't say much it was still awsome
7:36 pm | January 5, 2003
creepy and gruesome, I like it.
Miltie Ordakowski
7:09 pm | January 5, 2003
Has anyone seen the movie Windtalkers?
6:27 pm | January 5, 2003
nice, but I kinda expected what would happen at the end unfortunatly. Keep goin at it! :)