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Comments for 'Halo: A Strange Tale (Part 4)'

10:57 pm | February 8, 2002
Thanks, Tom. I really appreciate your feedback.
1:48 am | January 27, 2002

Poor Chiefy.

:) Good job.


11:10 pm | January 26, 2002
hey ur a good writer, but there a few things i should comment on. first, u get too repetitive with ur words, for example i found the word leapt (which was spelt 'lept' by the way.) however the action was good and so were ur setting descriptions, with some more practice u may close to almost near being Tom Clancy. ha ha. hes a great author that tom clancy.
7:59 pm | January 26, 2002
Hey! The author here. I'd like to get feedback from you. On an average grading scale (A-F), what would you give my stories?