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Comments for 'Halo: A Strange Tale (Part 3)'

1:50 am | January 27, 2002
Well, I wouldn't say that. Things like spelling might not matter in theory, but it can stand in the way of enjoying the story.
11:10 pm | January 25, 2002
Thanks for the heads up. I'm not exactly what you would call a perfect author, and nobody really cares about spelling too much as long as the point gets across, am I right?
3:13 am | January 21, 2002
ACKeverything ise misspelled juggernauts the planet not to mession that those green things are flick'tas and not jarro:) -tru7h-to bad i spell just as bad
12:20 pm | January 20, 2002

Mwahaha... this reads like a good action series. Keep up the goodness :)

One pointer - not to make an issue of it, but you've spelled W'rkcacnter, S'pht, and S'pht Kr all wrong. Nasty, are thems Bungie words-with-apostrophes-in-them :)
1:23 am | January 20, 2002

Ugh, and there I go spelling W'rkncacnter wrong. Story of my life, it is.