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Comments for 'The Shots Heard Around the World'

5:46 pm | November 21, 2002
Apparently, I have the opposite problem. I think of a title, then make up a story to go with that story. lol.
1:05 pm | November 21, 2002
Yeah, thats why I left the trailing periods so it can be added to....I want to post my story but cant come up with a good title. Burned out my brain writing the story. LOL :-)
12:15 pm | November 21, 2002
I liked how you used the name of your story, i guessed you knew that it was part of a quote by a colonist in the colonies in the 1700s. Nice name and good story
4:05 pm | November 20, 2002
In a way, Disciple75, you are right, and in a way, you are wrong. Yes, the only physical differences are in the armor and enhancements, but most marines do not spend most of their lives living "in an amish paradise." (Just joking on the last four words.) Actually, Spartans are trained from age six onwards. Regular GI's are trained when drafted or when they sign up.
3:36 am | November 20, 2002
Hey, great story! Its about time the Marines get some credit. The only difference between a Marine and a Spartan is the suit and enhancements....
2:57 am | November 20, 2002
"Good, good!" The General beamed, "I knew you would be up to this..."

Frankly, the thought of an elite beaming at me just plain scares me...
5:37 pm | November 18, 2002
wow. that was realy readble though on a technical not one grenade may not have been enough. lol i had the same idea about the marathon logo and it's the second part of my story i just posted. hope you don't mind. i doubt many people would notice it anyway.
1:21 am | November 18, 2002
you don't want to turn a good story into a bad one by extending it. hey i mean look at "Air Bud" no one watches those new ones anymore.
6:13 pm | November 17, 2002
COME ON!!!!! Just try it as a series, you have a pretty good start already! That story Rocked. It was Bomb-Ass!!
3:56 pm | November 17, 2002
No, I have no plans to continue it. The canyon was about five miles away from the Truth and Reconciliation. It was a bowl structure, with a large cliff encircling it, and one narrow way out. It was essentially the Marathon logo, only in an elevated rock formation. : )
2:17 pm | November 17, 2002
Very good I'd like to see it continued as a series any plans for that?
Neco Divad
1:47 pm | November 17, 2002
Who said that Marines were mean? It was good. Where did it take place?
12:09 pm | November 17, 2002
i liked it
6:20 pm | November 16, 2002
I like it. But they do seem to be a tad too good for marines :)Nice story.