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5:26 pm | December 2, 2002
Whith an enemy as potent as the Covenant, do you think that they wouldn't tell their prodigy so they could be on the alert? Besides, if they deleted their databases, their history would be destroyed. That would be STUPID!
Neco Divad
10:03 am | December 2, 2002
At least you responded, people at the forum just ignore me. It does tie in though. The humans forgot, thinking it was best if they didn't tell their children about the betrayel. It happens all the time in our world.
6:08 pm | December 1, 2002
Doesn't really tie in, because the Humans never knew about the Covenant until the attack on earth. Good thinking, just wrong.
Neco Divad
4:48 pm | November 29, 2002
Just came up with a great theiry! The Covies build Halo to be a peacefull home. Both Covies and Humans lived there. 343GS and his gang came and took it away. We allied our selfs with 343GS because we wanted to be with the winners. The Covies created an army to strike back and were looking for Halo. They also wanted revenge. The boxes they ship down are living materials, they are trying to rehabit Halo. Another thing, who says the flood came from the level 343GS? Think about it, it never does! I'm going to post this at the Forum as well.
7:00 pm | November 28, 2002
Yea i guess. I just thought that it was kinda of funny that the game would tie with other games. Like Marathon or whatever it is called. Never played so don't know. Otherwise it could be right. Especially about 343 Guilty Spark. I dunno. We shall wait and see!?!?!?!?
10:41 pm | November 27, 2002
You know, the more I think about it, it could be possible, because the Guilty Spark said wile he was cruising through the computer archives on the Autumn that he had finally found a collection of all his "lost time." So, you never know...
3:15 pm | November 27, 2002
Well, I guess we'll see if it's true or not when the next game comes out. : )
Neco Divad
10:09 am | November 27, 2002
How do you know it isn't true? It could be, it ties in with the religious reason. I hate it when I mess up typing. I meant "it", not "I". Just had to make that clear.
Neco Divad
8:19 am | November 27, 2002
How do you know it isn't true? It could be, I ties in with the religious reason.
2:03 am | November 27, 2002
I like. I like! Liked the way you made the covenent decide to attack Earth. To badd it wasn't true.....
7:43 pm | November 26, 2002
Well, yes. I made a serious Marathon tie in there. The aliens were the P'fhor, as anyone who has played the game would know. I won't say much more if you haven't played it yet. : )
Neco Divad
7:25 pm | November 26, 2002
FF keeps getting better and better these days. Great story. I've never played Marithon but I want to. Am I corect in assuming that the races you were talking about were from that?
5:28 pm | November 26, 2002
Thanks. Just thought of that tie in while I couldn't sleep. (For the 1, 289th day in a row.)
10:56 pm | November 25, 2002
Interesting indeed.