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Comments for 'The New Reach Campaigns Chapter 8'

3:20 am | January 26, 2003
Chancellor Velorom was on star wars. This guy is a DORK.
4:18 am | November 14, 2002
Hate to break it to you, but el_halo_diablo uses his full name now too, as do many other people. If you really have nothing better to do than to bash people over the internet, you really need to get out and do things more often.
1:10 pm | October 25, 2002
This guy's a REAL freak because he posts under his full name PLUS his middle name. Too bad he can't change it because of Louis. HAHAHA!!! I guess I'll be making fun of you forever, man!!!
5:11 pm | October 19, 2002
Thanks, man.
3:36 pm | October 19, 2002
It was very good.