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Comments for 'His Last Breath'

4:14 pm | November 22, 2002
Wow. That was good. It had both action and emotion. The 2 things that make one story great. I want to see more stories like this, MSS. you're a really good writer.
12:09 pm | November 19, 2002
Again as your other stories have been, this is also a great little short story! Keep up your thoughts and battle scenes!?
4:32 am | November 14, 2002
Yours are really good, Neco Divad. Keep it up.
Neco Divad
9:13 pm | November 13, 2002
It was prety good. A little low on agectives at times, but good non the less. What do you think about my stories?
12:15 pm | November 13, 2002
Honestly, I didn't read the story in too far... I was kind of disappointed at certain points... So there's my excuse.
11:03 pm | November 12, 2002
Well done. However, I would have liked to know more about how you said that this HALO was one of the many that the UNSC had found, and I don't think that two soldiers would leave their friend they had been in many battles with just because he didn't answer. If Rob was in calling distance, it couldn't have been that much work to jog back up and peer at where he was to see what happened. Just a thought. Keep up the good work.
8:19 pm | November 12, 2002
Nice story.
cool silverthorn
7:45 pm | November 12, 2002
nice one! This is such a good story but it's irritating that he died cause there won't be another one....DAMIT!!!
The Author
4:57 pm | November 12, 2002
Thanks, friend. Nice comments are always appreciated.
6:49 am | November 12, 2002
Wow, that was great! I actually felt a wet trickle come down my face. Seriously, good writing!! It has emotion.