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Comments for 'Journals of the Doomed: Part 5'

Andy the Turanic Raider
4:39 pm | December 30, 2001
What do you mean? I think your a great writer!
Matthew Screpetis
11:12 pm | December 29, 2001
Thank you for your feedback. I admit, I'm not a very good author, and thaks for your time. I'll keep in mind your help.
Andy the Turanci Raider
5:51 am | December 29, 2001
Opps! Posted my name as anonymous
5:48 am | December 29, 2001
Very good. Very Good indeed. A little extra detail might be in order. Oh well, I'm writin gmy own fic, it'll be posted soon, hope ya like it.
Mr. Bill
1:52 am | December 29, 2001
This is sort of a retelling of the game right? Not bad... but could be done better. I like the format though.