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10:21 pm | June 23, 2003
you got that not justice but quiet and kill them from bill cosby didn't you?"
6:58 am | December 26, 2002
if theres shooting, explosions, and classy chicks, i can stand it.
7:41 pm | December 25, 2002
The only sci-fi I can stand is Halo and Spaceballs :D.
12:20 pm | December 25, 2002
Oh, how mature, Knightmare. Anyway, there is a time for humor, and a time for seriousness. The trick is to know what the difference is.
2:37 am | December 25, 2002
make fun of that stargate and andromeda series. those tv shows are a disgrace to sci-fi.
5:51 am | December 24, 2002
Write when worlds collide 2, a star wars comedy... And then more sci fi ones. One for msot of the sci fi shows, right?
5:17 am | December 24, 2002
Yes, gasmask you should... Don't judge people like that... Cuz...

I'm the Un-dead,
I'm gonna' rip off your head-
I'm gonna' stuff it up your @$$!
And pass some @$$ Gas...mask...

Yes... Gas..
@$$ G-@$$mask! lol... Sorry I had to do it.
Anyway, how do you feel now?
5:03 am | December 24, 2002
if u have trouble shuttting up, put on ur gasmask and ur senseless talking will sound like muffled gurgling. haha jk. you do a great job....meaning diablo and u are neck n neck in the funny category. will the real MC (master comedian) please stand up?
2:46 am | December 24, 2002
You've got to admit, Sarge, that it was funny about the "blue candy shell." Or at least ironic. Or entertaining. Or maybe you're just a dry snob who can only think limitedly and as a result hates Halo comedies. Or maybe I should just shut up now.
8:33 am | December 23, 2002
excellent. every parent needs a fuel rod cannnon to keep their little ones in check....and springer could use a cannon too....i can just imagine it....."jerry, jerry.....WHOOOOSSSHHH......KABOOOMMMMM!!!"
2:24 am | December 23, 2002
7:59 pm | December 22, 2002
I don't get it tell me one funny part in the story?
7:57 pm | December 22, 2002
HAHA. I love your little interviews. You should do an Elite next. Keep up your great short stories.
7:25 pm | December 22, 2002
nah I like him writing comedies, oh btw my new comedy is coming out. (it mostly pokes fun of Shadows of Archon). Keep it up M
4:48 pm | December 22, 2002
I personally thought it sucked go back to the Reach Campaings man.
2:53 pm | December 22, 2002
Answers: Yes, I wrote "When Worlds Collide." No, I haven't done a Forerunner yet because I have too little info to work with, and no pictures of them. And to el_halo_diablo,LOL.
4:23 am | December 22, 2002
I hate hunters... But Love killing them! Gasmask, you are good with the comedies, keep writing em up! My all time favorite though is still the 'When Worlds Collide' one... You wrote that one, right? I loved that!
Guilty Spark
3:36 am | December 22, 2002
Pretty funny. I have enjoyed your Covenant interview series. Have you done an interview with a Forerunner, yet? That would have a lot of room for humor.
11:51 pm | December 21, 2002
heh heh, I think i learned that moral the hard way in the game:(the first hunter encounter) Brian(my friend):hey just throw a grenade on it and blow it up!. Ian(me):hmm,... sounds good to me! *throws grenade on unsuspecting Hunter, and it explodes, the hunter is still alive* Ian: Oh great advice Brian! Brian:you better look out before the-*MC dies of fuel rod cannon blast* . Ian: Too late dumbass