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Comments for 'Halo Songs'

9:02 pm | January 24, 2003
Funny. Really funny. *still laughing* *stops laughing after about five minutes*. I can still here it in my head. "A local boy shot me in the butt last week, so I shot him back, and his corpse began to reek." Cov'nant Paradise was the funniest. *starts laughs again*
5:37 pm | January 21, 2003
What inspired all those? Well, probably just the mind of a bored, slightly demented creature. Hm...reminds me of a Pink Floyd song..."The lunatic is in my head...the lunatic is in my head..."
1:27 pm | January 21, 2003
Damn, this was funny! The last one was the best. Gasmask, you are da man!
5:48 am | January 20, 2003
Throwing a plasma grenade on an ELITES head and watching it share the grenade with a whole platoon of grunts...
12:09 pm | January 18, 2003
Ha..ha...ha.. What could have possily inspired these tunes other than throwing a PG on a grunt's head and having him "share" with his squad?
3:29 am | January 17, 2003
lol. I knew the tunes to each song, and I got real kick out of it. It's a nice break from the blood and gore battle scenes I guess. lol.
2:21 am | January 17, 2003
HaHe. Those wer funny.
1:36 am | January 17, 2003
I don't know the tune of the first or last, so I only read the flinstones one, thought Ide be honest... But It was good!
10:39 pm | January 16, 2003
Yes very much so, but I forget how Weird Al's Amish Paradise went...
10:27 pm | January 16, 2003
pretty good