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Comments for 'To Fight for Life and Freedom'

Raiyden Seth
3:11 pm | January 27, 2003
Great story. Love it! Hope we see more of you're work thats as good as this
Metal Gear Miltie
12:44 pm | December 16, 2002
We know.
11:12 pm | December 15, 2002
BAM!!! I have to admit, though this one was good, I like the startrek when worlds co.lide one the best still... It is unique...
the sword of the dmiral
3:15 am | December 15, 2002
he's matthew s. screptis, that's who he is.
9:42 pm | December 14, 2002
ok keep up the excellent work on your short stories
Metal Gear Miltie
2:08 pm | December 14, 2002
Another great story by Gasmask.
12:04 pm | December 14, 2002
No, I just have seen very, very angry women, el_halo. Gruntkiller, just to let you know, I have quit doing series for a while. I may make another, just not right now.
10:48 pm | December 13, 2002
i got one question, is this the beginning of a new series becuse there is potential to create one based on this story
9:54 pm | December 13, 2002
did you kinda get the idea from that one woman that picked up AN ENTIRE CAR when her kids were trapped under it?
Guilty Spark
4:12 am | December 13, 2002
Good story. I like the fact you brought it to Earth and used "ordinary" characters. Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn...
1:41 am | December 13, 2002
Funny your new id gets much more praise than your old one~
1:36 am | December 13, 2002
I'm an enigma.
Spartan 3
11:12 pm | December 12, 2002
Nice story but who are you ????
10:38 pm | December 12, 2002
nvm forget what i said, wrong person...
10:05 pm | December 12, 2002
Gasmask, why are you hiding your identity?
9:11 pm | December 12, 2002
great action but i got one question after reading the story, is this the beggining of a series because the covenant more then likily would have had more then one dropship land, but other then that excellent
8:12 pm | December 12, 2002
WOW!! That...was....good!! Keep it up!! Disciple75.