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Comments for 'Death and Decay'

3:02 am | December 12, 2002
You must be on LSD, and are having a trip. Your theories are too far-fetched, and comppletely ungrounded. THINK before you speak.
Neco Divad
10:03 pm | December 11, 2002
I know my theory is wrong now, the flood are the Forerunners! the Mark XII is a robot and 343GS takes the place of Cortona as it's AI. Tha's why he hates Corty! I'll give you the credit.
5:30 pm | December 11, 2002
Go for it, Neco. I have no problem, provided you give me full credit. And, by the way, your theory is still wrong. Dead wrong. Have a nice day. (no offense intended)
Neco Divad
8:08 pm | December 10, 2002
Ha, I probably read more than you do. I loved this story, wite more like it please. Can I post these at my Seventh Collumn chapter? It's called "Why the Covies hate us" after my first Halo theory. People there would love these. Also, I've gotten 7 pages done on Project Phoenix. I'm hoping to post it in less than a week.
10:38 pm | December 7, 2002
i read a lot so you must be getting better
9:54 pm | December 7, 2002
Either you guys haven't read too many good stories, or I'm getting better. Thanks for your comments. : )
9:24 pm | December 7, 2002
That charred man...............
8:19 pm | December 7, 2002
Gasmask, this was truly amazing.... It really hit home for me, being the son of a surgeon and all. Truly remarkable work. This really outshines all of your others. I hope your next short is as good as or better than this one.
2:12 am | December 7, 2002
oh ya your anatomy was right on and it reminded me of a band of brothers episode (IN a very good way that is)
2:08 am | December 7, 2002
HOLY CRAP! that was good that had to be one of the most intense and riviting stories i ever read, you really took it from a different prospective and you captured what real war is like almost seamlessly, HOLY CRAP THAT WAS GREAT!
11:03 pm | December 6, 2002
Excellent story. It conveyed how horrible war really is.
10:54 pm | December 6, 2002
.............DAMN!!!!!!That was intense! I liked it alot. I guess it kinda reminded me of that band of brothers episode, but they weren't in a concentration camp. I liked your uses of anatomy. You have a very good writing talent. You should try and make series. Keep up your great work!
10:11 pm | December 6, 2002
hmm I think you wrote that just to try to disgust someone...well you failed ;). Great imagination, and knowladge of grammar and anatomy. I am hoping to see a series from you! (and mabye some more comedies)
Neco Divad
9:13 pm | December 6, 2002
That was very sad. Reminds me of that episode of Band of Brothers when they were in the forest with the Airdins with the Germans surounding them.