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Comments for 'The Collective'

11:15 pm | December 19, 2002
Great story. I however hate the flood, and don't like to see them think. Oh well, still great.
6:15 am | December 1, 2002

Great job of capturing the emotions of the men
3:54 pm | November 30, 2002
this is the first of your stories that i've read but it won't be the last, really good
2:30 pm | November 29, 2002
I had a relly good idea on how the flood work and I had a good idea for a story going using the flood.
4:03 am | November 29, 2002
The reason why you've never seen a story from a Flood point of view is that there is a very severe constraint on dialouge. That's really hard.
3:22 am | November 29, 2002
Interesting, although the fact that they were in "Area 51" kinda didn't fit in and took me out of the story. Other than that, good story.
2:30 am | November 29, 2002
I liked this story. i think that it would make a good series. I dont't think that ive ever seen a story writtrn from the point of the flood.
7:12 pm | November 28, 2002
I like I like I like. I like your little short stories tying in with the game to make seem more understandable. Nice ideas! Trying to give the halo story some in depth preception. Keep up your great short stories!
The sword of the admiral
4:48 pm | November 28, 2002
I haven't seen a series from gasmask ever since TNRC(The new reach campaigns) series. But I'm enjoying the individual stoies beter, specially "His last breath". You are an awesome writer, man.
4:11 pm | November 28, 2002
Well, who's to say that those grunts and roars aren't a type of language to them? We can't understand them, but they definitely have some sort of communication system. Kind of like the Zerg from StarCraft, they grunted and groaned, but really, they had an eloquent system of communication. The flood speak was translated.
Neco Divad
3:11 pm | November 28, 2002
I don't think Gasmask does series. It was good, I liked it. But I don't think the flood whould go, "greatings". I always thought of them as going, "ugh" and "roar" not, "we are the flood". Just a little helpfull critisisum.
Colonel Miltie
1:50 pm | November 28, 2002
Is this going to be a series?
6:49 am | November 28, 2002
Not too bad, keep up the writing.
12:00 am | November 30, -0001
Learn to swear ya dipshit fucka