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Comments for 'Thrill of the Hunt'

9:27 pm | July 18, 2003
Another great story Gasmask. I like it. Keep up the good fanfics!
6:52 pm | July 18, 2003
Gasmask wuts up its been a while! Bloody good work! Wado what the hell? I thought you left damn.
Archangels Blade
3:00 pm | July 18, 2003
Good work, Gasmask. Some pretty rotten grammar in there, but it doesn't measure up to how good the story was. Keep an eye on the spellchecker next time and it'll come out top notch.
1:42 pm | July 17, 2003
Thanks for the feed back, Wado. I'll look into that.
11:49 am | July 17, 2003
12:39 am | July 17, 2003
Other than making lame jokes and hopefully not offending anyone, oh and misspelling "misspelled" in the comments here, perhaps I should say a bit about your story Gasmask.

Nicely paced story, you did not rush it. Lots of detail without bogging down the story. Excellent grammar, excellent job.

BTW: not that I can't be wrong, but I believe if my memory isn't failing me that on long range shots, snipers are taught to slowing inhale while squeezing the trigger. I'm too lazy to look it up right now, but I had to find at least one thing to comment on that could help you improve your writing.

Take care
12:27 am | July 17, 2003
:) = humor

gasmusk? = funny nick for Gasmask

Oh well, at least someone noticed I mispelled his name on purpose.

BTW: Way to go Gasmask
9:18 pm | July 16, 2003
I teh can 2 writ in compeat sentenses. but WAY TO GO GASMUSK.

8:58 pm | July 16, 2003
That last comment was not needed. There are many here who can write complete sentences. Gasmask, good to see you back, this story is deserving of a perfect ten. To heck with those 9.5 junkies.
4:10 pm | July 16, 2003
I thought I was the best fan fic writer ;)

Anyhoo, Gasmask is back! Great story: I came in looking for humor, but by the time I was finished realized that this is serious stuff you're writing. Good job, and great form: finally a fan fic writer other than Frensa who can write complete sentences!
1:57 pm | July 16, 2003
Yeah, Tycho's really good. I like "Incoming" the best out of his stuff.
5:11 am | July 16, 2003
nah i'd hav ta say Tycho iz the best eva FanFic writer. Newayz ur story was kool, sniping is my personal favourite when it comes to combat. 9.5/10
Da Mann
9:34 pm | July 15, 2003
Wow. Cool.
8:11 pm | July 15, 2003
It doesn't say its apart of a series. Good story
Neco Divad
7:53 pm | July 15, 2003
Great job. Once again you have shown why I think of you as teh best FAn fic writer threre is. Is this going to be a series? I hope so. Thanks for the great work.
6:57 pm | July 15, 2003
brilliant story, looking forwards to part 2