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Comments for 'A Hunting We Will Go'

11:15 am | July 13, 2004
7:39 am | July 13, 2004
kickASS. well-written and very clear.
10:28 pm | July 12, 2004
Ouch, the battle at the end was amazing, the mentality of them both, awesome reading.

Though, if you read First Strike, you'll learn that Honour is a thing measured in kills, and Pride is to live to see another engagement. There is no room for the sort of honour you depictured, but to be honest, I think this was a better read, really makes one think.

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Dave Luck
5:33 pm | July 12, 2004
Excellent. Just needing some coding.

I liked the end. Kinda reminded me of history class, how the Japanese Soldiers in WWII Placed Honor above personal safety, and if they lost, they would commit hara-kiri (Ritual suicide by self-disemboweling.)

I loved allusion, and I like symbolism.

- Dave.
1:01 am | July 12, 2004
That was great. Who knew that elites had that much pride.
Red Ghost
9:34 pm | July 11, 2004
Ah hah! That was great! Good moral ending too, it makes me want to play Halo and try to become friends with an elite- maybe on easy mode...
No one
7:46 pm | July 11, 2004
Great work keep it up. I'de like to read more stories writen by u and soon.
6:45 am | July 11, 2004
Whoa, that was one of the few fanfics to hold my attention in a long while. Excellent work Jim, very well done.
4:08 am | July 11, 2004
That was really cool. I liked the one on one, them facing off in the jungle. Pretty sweet, and pretty original.
Le Plasma
1:55 pm | July 10, 2004
I'm new here, but not at the Bungie forums. I'm Halodude12344 there. Nice story Jim.