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Comments for 'The Cell(2)'

10:41 pm | November 9, 2003
Ugh, Raik is such a pest. Kill the Captain! Kill the Captain!
1:57 pm | November 9, 2003
Mainevent, that makes three of us ;)

Yeah Frensa, good, but missing something....that something that always propelled you up there. I hope you find it. As I remember, you did a good job of recovering Buried Treasure in the beginning.
6:42 pm | November 8, 2003
Frensa Geran
12:18 pm | November 8, 2003
Apologies about the error in copying.
5:15 am | November 8, 2003
It's not a sin to make a mistake...

I don't have anything extraordinarily bad to say, or anything etraordinarily good in this case, so I'll have to make a retard comment.

A good fanfic, but not up to par with your others. As I remember your older fanfics like Buried Treasure easily put you in the top five active authors at the time, but this one simply doesn't compare to most of your fanfics, and msot of the others that HBO has now. HBO is going through another fanfic golden age, so myou might wanna bump the bar up a little.
Slim Jackson
4:59 am | November 8, 2003
lol mainevent, me too... great story, i love it!
2:48 am | November 8, 2003
Pretty good.
11:03 pm | November 7, 2003
Wu lets you preview it for a reason...
9:22 pm | November 7, 2003
The part with the html was sorta odd, but after dodging around taht it was nice, hope you keep writing.
9:11 pm | November 7, 2003
You accidentally copied and pasted the story twice, cutting it off halfway.

A booboo, but overlookable.

A couple spelling errors, but overall, really really good story.

I was with Jehmabeb until I found out that Raik was with us....