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Comments for 'Buried Treasure: The Finale'

Frensa Geran
5:26 am | October 5, 2003
The Prolouge of my new series has been sent in. I hope you enjoy.
11:09 am | October 4, 2003
i liked it, i just read your whole series last night and it was really good. i couldent find that much mistakes. the series had 10 chapters i think... so i will give you this..... 97/100
11:20 am | October 2, 2003
Yep, great, 9.25/10
10:39 am | October 2, 2003
I don't watch DBZ anymore, partly because I'ts gotten to kiddy, and partly because there aren't any new shows, but I know what he's talking about.

THey had a time chamber that turned one day into one year for the people inside it, but everyone outside went on normally. However, you could only use it like twice....
Frensa Geran
1:15 am | October 2, 2003
Time extending? :-( I thought I made it fairly realistic.
12:36 am | October 2, 2003
Except for the DBZ like time extending (I belive 5 minutes turned into like 14 shows, god knows how) it was pretty good.
Agent Shade
8:45 pm | October 1, 2003
yes, very good indeed. it was kind of rushed. but considering the fact that the chief had like two minutes before the planet was destroyed, i'll let it slide. yes, well done, continue writing 9/10
Dan Lo
7:48 pm | October 1, 2003
kick Ass story! man I was waitin for the finale n here it is...by the way im also a fan fic writer but i havent posted anything here....yet
7:46 pm | October 1, 2003
I was going to invite you anyways next time I saw you, Hawk. so sure. the link is www.bungie.net/perlbin/blam.pl?file=/fanclub/7186/

check it out.
7:15 pm | October 1, 2003
It was predictable. I am happy that the story finally got it's ending, though. I did like the ship's material; yummy plasma-like hull :)

The story's popularity did help, so I give it a 9/10 :)

Can I join your Chapter since I criticize Halo Fan-fic Writers' work?
6:45 pm | October 1, 2003

You could write a best selling novel on this dude
6:45 pm | October 1, 2003
Do you wanna join my 7th Column Chapter for Halo fan fic writers?
slim jackson
11:58 am | October 1, 2003
excellent, excellent job! i really enjoyed it. im happy you found time to finish it, and i hope to see others!
Frensa Geran
11:33 am | October 1, 2003
I wrote this over a long period of time, so I apologize if it seems disjointed.
12:07 am | October 1, 2003
YAY!! Great Part!! Moo...