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Comments for 'Buried Treasure(5)'

Frensa Geran
2:18 am | July 23, 2003
Part 6 completed, and in the cue! You'll enjoy this one.
6:20 pm | July 22, 2003
you get the greatest ideas for stories. how the hell did you come up with this one i wonder...
anyway, 9.5/10
1:23 pm | July 22, 2003
lol, I was just kidding for the most part.
5:36 am | July 22, 2003
Find that Hero Marla!
Great story, looking forwards to part 6.
2:11 am | July 22, 2003
Man, you always end those at the perfect time. Every single time I finish a section, I always think "No! I WANT MORE STORY!!" Which is good. I felt sorry for the Grunt, he is such a nice guy :) 11/10
1:48 am | July 22, 2003
Disruptors? Those sound dangerous! Are you sure you know what you're getting yourself into Frensa?

Excellent, though a bit short. Pity about the Grunt though ;)
Frensa Geran
12:41 am | July 22, 2003
1. I hate indention [INDENT]

2. No ones perfect

3. To be blunt, those names are just stupid. Too silly. I tried once, but I kept forgetting how to spell it, and MS Word spellcheck got mad at me for using weird names.

4. Oh, he's a good boy. He can walk it off.

5. Thanks.
10:12 pm | July 21, 2003
Ok, so you want a critique of you fanfic...

1)indent, indent indent, [INDENT].

2)There are a few errors concerning minor things (spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.), but not many.

3)You told me that you didn't read the book, so, I guess that this mistake is fine, but most Elite names have a name structure like this: Poop 'Crapermee. First name that sounds alien like-apostrophe-second alien name that rhimes with mummy and tummy. But this is 1000 years after halo so it doesn't really matter.

4)I don't think that the grunt would be too happy after he got his hand caught in a bear trap and was bleeding...

5)lastly.............great story, really, really good and all that mumbo jumbo.

Looking forward to the rest and can't wait for operation co-op. 10/10