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Comments for 'Buried Treasure(4)'

Alpha Lance
4:50 am | July 27, 2003
What is this Shinbad or samiri jack.
1:03 am | July 21, 2003
Never complimenting you again ;
10:19 pm | July 20, 2003
Sick bastard.
Frensa Geran
4:53 pm | July 20, 2003
Ok, then. How about you should only post long comments, if they are congradulating me and praising me and kissing my feet *virtually of course*? Hows that? lol.
4:48 pm | July 20, 2003
If i give 'constructive' criticism then it'll turn into destructive, because most authors have at least a vague idea of whats coming next, so saying somthing might change their mind and completly screw up the story, hence why i just pointed out there were errors.
1:26 pm | July 20, 2003
Yeah, well, what if I didn't feel like it, huh?

Just Kidding.
Frensa Geran
4:14 am | July 20, 2003
You see people, that post right there is what this Comments sections is for. Thank you very much Jamirus!
3:12 am | July 20, 2003
Took you LONG enough! Very, very good...as Ishkabibbly said though, there were a couple of minor (mostly spelling) errors, but nothing that downgraded from the overall piece. This is fan fiction as is was meant to be written! I particularly love the nonchalant entry of the Grunt, and how his personlaity is confidently mapped in only a couple of sentences, and yet, we immediatly have a sense ofthe character! Good work, eagerly awaiting your next installment.

Always the critique, ;)
4:41 pm | July 19, 2003
Very good, but a few minor errors.
3:48 pm | July 19, 2003
Really really good! 10/10.