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Comments for 'Buried Treasure(2)'

Frensa Geran
12:38 am | July 11, 2003
Part 3 is in the cue... :-)
Frensa Geran
10:33 pm | July 10, 2003
How did you like my poetry in the story? Well, it was more like elegant wording than poetry. I was pleased with it.

Thank you all greatly for your comments! I won't let you down!
10:08 pm | July 10, 2003
Hey sup ya'll I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack! GREATTTT story Frensa awasome! 10/10! I would like to say that i have just posted the Virus for those of you interested.
10:08 pm | July 10, 2003
hell, this series is already awesome. love your work. this series is gonna be probably the best ive ever read. i know it right now.
Wiley K.
6:14 pm | July 10, 2003
Hey I'm back!!! Ill start grading at the next batch of stories.

*Shoots Hunter_Killer with Scorpion's gun*
6:36 pm | July 9, 2003
Frensa, your works continue to impress me. Keep up the good work!
4:51 pm | July 9, 2003
Cool, I second what nicholas said. 9.5, Keep it up!
4:46 pm | July 9, 2003
Keep on writing, this series is gonna get good!