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Comments for 'True Purpose(8)'

Wiley Kimball
6:34 pm | June 6, 2003
I'm one of those 2 I take it. This is one of my favorite remaining series, and now it is getting REALLY good. Nice way to end it, too. 9.75/10
10:15 am | June 6, 2003
9.5/10 Um yea...Nice idea with the GS.
Frensa Geran
1:44 am | June 6, 2003
I think this one turned out pretty bad. Though it is an important part of the story if you are actually following along.

Yes, all 2 of you. ;)

Recap for anyone whos not:

Pvt Nicholas: Dead (aboard Gaza)
Capt. Marhsal Dead (aboard Columbia, crashed on Planet 'C')
Sergeant Collins: Living, underground Halo with 356 Guilty Spark)
Sergeant Baker: ?? (hehe)
Master Chief (Mark): Alive (Captured by Covenant on Halo, being taken to unknown location for unknown reason)
General Maron: Gathering fleet to attack Human Home moon.

These will be the final characters for the last chapters. Don't worry about knowing any new names.