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Comments for 'Spartan Son(2)'

Row Jerles
1:12 am | June 21, 2004
Your story is the the one that inspired me to write my story: Project Spartan III. Your work is amazing, I've read all of your stories, all are great and I hope that your next additions are even better.
10:42 pm | June 6, 2004
mainevents right, but still peeks my interest. ill be waiting for the third one.

"my name is Kirpan"
1:30 am | May 22, 2004
I still love you. ;)


I love your work.
11:04 am | May 21, 2004
Fresna's comment section bare?!?!?!?!?!

Twilight zone...
12:07 am | May 20, 2004
It didn't seem very natural though. Unbelievable is the word I'd use.

To have John's son waltz into an ONI controlled building, slit an apparently high-ranking man's throat, and walk out without much of a struggle, or even the notice of anyone.

But I'll tag along.