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Comments for 'Spartan Son'

Elite Slayer
11:51 am | July 7, 2004
Even though John adopted his son..........it seems like John would be dead before his 142nd birthday!!!!!!!!!
Elite Slayer
11:47 am | July 7, 2004
In 2552 John is 41 years old. In 2653 John would be 142 years old! Kind of late to have a son!!!
Elite Canadian
9:39 pm | May 15, 2004
Ok...remember when jason said i still haev the scares and how he went down into the labrotory well maybe john trained him like he was trained and when brought to the labrotory he got the enhacments like john did on reach.....that way he would be able to use the MLJONIR armour....kinda makes sense and john would maybe commit suicide after all the fighting that john did would make a normal soldiers mind probably cripple he wouldnt be able to take it anymore and then his brain would basicly be a vegitable....
Gold Elite
8:44 pm | May 12, 2004
Nice story. Keep writing. That was funny, John attempting suicide, HA HA HA HA! Anyway, I enjoyed it. Keep it up.

PS Your Dead
10:39 pm | May 11, 2004
I liked it. Most things by Frensa are really good.
someone that you dont know
11:20 am | May 11, 2004
Nice. Well for everyone else, what if Jason has been augumented and he can handle the MJOLNIR armor? You dont know. Only the author and God knows. Nice, I wouldnt think John-117 would become psychologically insecure and attempt to kill himself LOL. A nice twist to the whole thing.
2:24 am | May 10, 2004
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j33z, m4n.
Nick Kang
11:04 am | May 9, 2004
I've read the books (several times). Now I wouldn't have very much material to write my stories if I hadn't read them...would I?

Frensa Geran
5:53 am | May 9, 2004
Wow...seems to have gone a bit crazy in here.

1. John is in fact short for Jonathan.
2. He picked up his Father's armor. Not strapped it on.

Thanks to everyone else for constructive comments.
12:43 am | May 9, 2004
Very nice...The whole adoption thing was a good twist...Hope it continues to be great.
9:50 pm | May 8, 2004
To spartan117, I don't really like being called a fag. Just because you subbmitted a post without thinking through it, then got showed up, doesn't mean you need to be say "All the people that said this story was good is a fag" to everyone. Good story. It was pretty cool.
9:48 pm | May 8, 2004
No his name was JOHN not JONATHAN, read the damn books and you'll see. Get your facts straight you dumbass.

Nick Kang
8:49 pm | May 8, 2004
John is short for Jonathan you dumbass

CoLd BlooDed
7:08 pm | May 8, 2004
"Stupid gay"

ROFL, what a dumbass.
6:16 pm | May 8, 2004
yes. so shut up. this story is bad
John should have married Kelly.
and its John not Jonathan.
Stupid gay
6:16 pm | May 8, 2004
yes. so shut up. this story is bad
John should have married Kelly.
and its John not Jonathan.
Stupid gay
Nick Kang
6:14 pm | May 8, 2004
Hey Spartan, did you read past the part where it says John killed himself? It explains a lot.

6:14 pm | May 8, 2004
All the people that said this story was good is a fag.
6:09 pm | May 8, 2004
John isn't suicidal you dumb shit.
4:24 pm | May 8, 2004
good story! waiting for more!
Nick Kang
2:38 pm | May 8, 2004
"My name is Jason, son of John, a Spartan. I have picked up my Father's armor, and his legacy. I will find out who murdered him. I will avenge him."

"I have picked up my Father's armor"

"my Father's armor"

"Father's armor"

Explain that then, No One

Slayer Boi
10:01 am | May 8, 2004
It was a good story with an above average story line...
i liked the part where he talked to a rock....
No one
7:41 pm | May 7, 2004
Nick kang he doesen't use the armor yet. Couldn't u relize that? Good story.
Nick Kang
6:39 pm | May 7, 2004
Very well written, as Hikaru said, but how could Jason use the MJOLNIR armor? It would snap his body like twigs. Haven't you ever read H: FoR?

11:20 am | May 7, 2004
That was most certainly different. I'd expect the Covenant to all die out, simply because I legitimatly hate them, and I'd expect the Chief to live for 150 years. All of that leading up to this being a well written, although a very.... odd story. Keep on writing. It was well done.